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  • Breathe Detox Retreats is One of the Original Detox Retreat Centres in th UK
  • Our Acommodation is First Class Luxury
  • Our Location is Tranquil and Inspiring 
  • Our Average Weight Loss is 18lbs in 5 DAYS
  • Our Prices are between £750 and £1495
The Programme


Elimination is the key to any great detox retreat and Breathe Detox Retreat uk offers you more than most. Our 5 night programme is designed to help flush your entire system of old waste material and accumulated debris. This holistic system detoxification process allows your body to release and let go from the inside - out, helping you to lose between 7lbs and up to 22lbs in weight. This leaves your digestive system in perfect working order. For more information read our articles Healthy Weight-loss and Why Detox?


The secret to your Breathe Detox Retreat weight loss, is the juice only colon cleanse and fasting. You can expect to lose up to and over 10lbs in weight as you rid your body of accumulated debris and toxic material. The beauty of our juice cleanse is, it provides a more sustainable weight loss than water alone, so you can continue to lose weight even after you've gone home. Our juices are made from the finest organic fruit and vegetables available, and local whenever possible.


Each day is set around our daily informative Nutrition and Lifestyle discussion groups, designed to set you back on the road to optimum health and wellness. Our resident Nutritional Therapist, Simon, is also on hand for one to one consultations, which we highly recommend as a key aspect of your detox retreat and getting your health back on track. He will take time to look at current daily menus and recommend a variety of ways to substitute and supplement your existing diet.


Another important aspect to your daily detox retreat routine is gentle exercise. We, of course, recommend yoga for the many benefits of bringing together body, mind and spirit using breath, movement, sound, relaxation and meditation. We also suggest you make full use of the luxury spa facilities: swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, to encourage movement, flexibility and help you create new healthy habits to take home with you.


Our primary message is to encourage relaxation. It is only through the process of letting go that the detoxification process truly happens. Stress and tension are the triggers to all states of dis-ease, and the best way to combat these states of being is in allowing yourself the pleasure of full body relaxation. On your detox and weight-loss retreat Uk, as well as an hour of yoga each day and the many body treatments available we also offer a morning and evening relaxation/meditation time, teaching many new methods to help you relax and unwind.


Included in the price of your spa detox retreat uk is: food intolerance testing with Holly and a session our Life Coach, Katheryn. These are invaluable for the time it gives you to re-evaluate your current situation, your relationship with health and an opportunity to look at how you would like to move forward in your life: your best next step. We also have many other Holistic Therapies and Spa Treatments available at an additional cost and these are highly recommended to help you enjoy your Breathe Detox Retreat uk experience with grace and ease.

Detox Retreat uk Testimonial 

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Our healthy weight-loss detox program is designed to help you lose weight FAST. The benefits of the method we use at Breathe Detox Retreats informs your bowel to move regularly 3 times a day, and through this it re-educates your body, reminding the colon how to work efficiently. This re-introduces you to the freedom of regular movement, even after you leave. This is waste and weight that you are ridding your body of entirely. And assuming you continue along with a similar approach, creating healthy habits, and put into practice some of the many tips and ideas we provide you with, you are guaranteed to keep the weight off and potentially lose more, if needed.. Read more here


Our exclusive '30 Day Optimum Wellness Handbook' contains much of the information you receive whilst on your detox retreat. This invaluable guide benefits you to continue to de-stress, detox and lose weight supporting you in your first 30 days and beyond.

Haven of Health

Breathe Detox have been working in the detox industry for over a decade. Now building a reputation as the best detox retreat to visit in the uk. Our TripAdvisor page speaks volumes.

Prices Starting From £600 per person.


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